Tired of your delicate prosthesis? Switch to dental implants in St John’s Wood

Losing teeth is common. In this day and age, replacing them is easier than ever before. But how do you go about choosing the right device?

The last twenty or so years have seen the development of dental implants in St John’s Wood as an alternative to more conventional models.


Our experienced team at Aura Dental are massive advocates of this groundbreaking method of treatment, as long as you are the right candidate for them.

So what is the fuss about dental implants in St John’s Wood and how straightforward is the procedure for getting them? In this article, we will provide you with everything you should know about dental implants in St John’s Wood.

When should I consider tooth implants?

Have you lost multiple teeth over the years, or are your set fast deteriorating? Maybe you have lost a few teeth unexpectedly in an accident?

Whatever your circumstance, you should consider implants as an option for replacement.

What benefits do implants have over other tooth replacement options?

Are you pondering which device to use or wondering whether you should make the change from conventional dentures to implants?

Knowing the advantages of implants will make the selection process easier, and the pros of this device outweigh the cons.

One of its better-known qualities include the fact that implants look and function like real teeth, so much so that you may be unable to differentiate between an implant and real teeth.

Its other attractive features are that the device is designed to be long-lasting, which takes away the inconvenience of having to replace them with a new set in the future.

Generally, the user experience is more positive than negative because not only is the device comfortable, but it is entirely stable. This means you do not have to suffer the repercussions and possible embarrassment of the contraption falling out at the worst moments.

Additionally, you will experience a more natural biting and chewing capacity, allowing you to enjoy food without limitations and speak freely without your device getting in the way.

What are the pitfalls?

Taking into account the device’s many features, it may not surprise you that tooth implants are more expensive.

However, considering it is a life-changing investment, more people are considering dental implants in St John’s Wood and some individuals travel overseas to undergo the same procedure at a cheaper cost.

While not necessarily a shortcoming of implants, many people hesitate at the lengthy recovery periods and the numerous steps one has to take before they can boast new teeth. However, if you are not after a quick and immediate fix, but a long-term resolution, then implants are worth the long wait.

What can I do if I am not a suitable candidate for implants?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable match for implants. This may be because you have deficient bone in your jaw or possess unhealthy gums. However, while these issues may cause delays to getting implants, you can still have them. In the event of bone deficiency; you may need bone grafts, or undergo an intensive cleaning if you have inflamed gums.