Do you have no time for dental implants?

If you are a busy person and, let’s face the fact that most of us are these days, then you want to be able to save time in all sorts of ways. This includes how many times you have to go to the dentist.

Replacing all your teeth with dental implants is a process that cannot be rushed but appointments can be minimised depending on the individual case.

If a full set of teeth need to be replace, you don’t have to wait weeks for your crowns. You can get an entire arch of dental implants in St John’s Wood fitted at the same time as your initial implant surgery with a technique known as teeth-in-a-day implants.

Dental Implants in St John’s WoodWhat are teeth-in-a-day implants?

This great technique replaces all the teeth on one arch with a fixed bridge that is attached to either four or six implants. It’s usually the latter in the upper arch because of the gravity issue. If you need to have teeth removed, we can do this in the same appointment and also provide bone augmentation at this point if you need it.

Once the implants are in, we will fit you with a temporary bridge which is custom-made to fit you by one of our lab technicians.

It will take 4-6 months for your implants to integrate with your jawbone, but this happens with teeth attached. You need to go slowly with eating just as you would if you had traditional implant surgery.

When your integration period is complete, you come back for a much shorter appointment so that we can fit your final, metal-reinforced bridge.

If you would like to find out more about teeth-in-a-day dental implants in St John’s Wood, please book a free consultation with us. It could change your life.

Do you want to straighten your teeth?

If you are an adult, and the thing that gets you down about your smile is that you wish your teeth were straighter, then you are not alone. This is one of the most common complaints that adults have about their teeth. Thankfully however, this has been recognised by the dental profession and there is now a range of orthodontic appliances in St John’s Wood that can help you.

Braces in St John’s WoodAt Aura Dental, we offer a selection of cosmetically focused braces that have been designed with adults in mind. The designers of these treatments have prioritised comfort, discretion and speed so that adults in busy careers retain their professional look while they are undergoing realignment.

The majority of adults would like to concentrate on realigning the teeth which means the movements required are usually smaller and quicker, especially if this is the front teeth.

The other important thing on the mind of many adults is how inconvenient their braces could be to eat with or clean. Fortunately, aligners that can be removed by the patient are now common place. This means there is no need to change the diet or spend long minutes cleaning food out from brackets and wires.


Invisalign are a series of removable aligners uniquely designed for you. They are made from a patented plastic using 3D printing technology, ensuring that each aligner fits snugly into place. They hug with such precision that it takes a trained observer or very close friend to spot you are wearing them. Aligners are taken out to eat, drink and to clean your teeth. Otherwise, you need to wear them for at least 20 hours a day so that the moving process is not interrupted.

Clear Fixed Braces

If a fixed option is your preferred choice, then discreet braces like Damon, Six Months Smile and Clarity, with clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires might be the option for you. Due to the clear brackets they are less noticeable than traditional metal brackets and take an average of six to nine months to straighten the front six to eight teeth, which are the teeth that are most visible when we talk and smile.

A straight and simple road

Smiling with confidence can be hard if you are unhappy with your teeth. If your teeth are wonky or you have a cross bite, both your smile and oral health can be compromised. But for some, particularly adults, the journey to a straight smile seems unapproachable when you want to avoid metal braces. If you long for a straight smile that you can show off, but you hate the thought of braces, then why not consider Invisalign in St. John’s Wood?

Invisalign in St. John’s WoodAt Aura Dental, we welcome patients into a warm and friendly atmosphere. For some, a trip to the dentist can be nerve-wracking because there is always a fear of the unknown problems you could have with your teeth. If you know that you are unhappy with crooked teeth, then we are here to discuss the options and take you through the various treatments we have to offer. It can also be unappealing to consider the go-to teeth straightening treatment, obvious metal braces. If you would rather avoid that and you are looking for an alternative in St. John’s Wood, Invisalign is a discreet treatment that could be right for you.

Escaping the train tracks

Invisalign differs from traditional braces in its flexibility and discretion. As a series of clear aligners, they are practically invisible to yourself and others, so your friends might wonder how your straight teeth showed up without a trace of treatment. The aligners are changed every 7-14 days as your teeth gradually move to their correct positions over time. They also work to close in any gaps, meaning plaque is less likely to build up and lead to further complications.

With fixed metal braces, the hassle of getting food stuck in your teeth is always a possibility. You might have to limit yourself to what you can eat or drink, as certain things can cause discolouration to the elastic bands. With Invisalign in St. John’s Wood, you can eat and drink what you like. The aligners are both clear and removable, allowing you to go about your days without noticing much difference at all. The difference you will see is the straight and healthy smile that Invisalign can leave you with.

When missing teeth means you miss out

Missing your teeth can often mean hiding your smile. No one should have to face the fear of missing out, especially when it comes to smiling, but have you ever considered dental implants? At Aura Dental, we don’t want tooth loss to affect your confidence, so our friendly dentists offer different treatments to help fill in the gaps.

Dental Implants in St. John’s WoodIt doesn’t matter if you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth because dental implants can cover the loss of any number of teeth by replacing your missing teeth, this means that both your smile and oral health are at an advantage. The gaps left by missing teeth means that the healthy surrounding teeth can shift over time and they are even at risk of falling out too. As sturdy replacements, dental implants can give you back the chewing ability that you lost. This can improve your quality of life, allowing you to eat the foods you had to avoid before.

Dental implants in detail

Dental implants appear like your natural teeth and are sturdy enough to protect the remaining bone. Implants work as artificial roots and are made of small metal screws that are placed into the jawbone. Once it has fused with the jawbone, the implant can anchor a natural-looking replacement.

At Aura Dental, we understand that a trip to the dentist can be nerve-wrecking for some. In St John’s Wood, we make sure that you are in a relaxed environment, where you feel comfortable enough to tell one of our dentists about the part of treatment that scares you. By going through the treatment in detail, the dentist can hopefully put your mind at rest. If you are feeling especially nervous, we can also discuss options that will make you feel at ease, such as types of sedation. That way, you feel comfortable while you go through treatment.

If you are missing teeth and it’s getting you down, then do your smile a favour by considering dental implants in St. John’s Wood. At Aura Dental, we can’t wait to put the confidence back into your well-earned smile.

The journey to your perfect smile

Ever wanted to have something without having to go through the hassle of actually getting it? When it comes to braces, it is not uncommon for adults to want to avoid obvious metal train-tracks. Although you might want to straighten crooked teeth or a cross bite, you may find that the idea of traditional braces puts you off. In St. John’s Wood, Invisalign offers you an escape from the traditional and as a part of modern dentistry, we at Aura Dental can give you the clear alternative.

Invisalign in St. John’s WoodWith Invisalign, you can have your cake and eat it. Or in other words, you can straighten your teeth and be discreet about it. It might be that you want to go to work without having to suffer the embarrassment of your colleagues pointing out your new braces. You might have a special occasion coming up, like a wedding or a party, and want to feel comfortable and confident enough to have a good time. Going through teeth straightening treatment with a smile on your face is possible with Invisalign.

Making things clear

Invisalign works through a series of clear aligners, designed by dental technicians to fit your teeth specifically. That means they cannot be worn by anyone else but you, and if your friend wants to straighten their teeth, you can tell them all about Invisalign in St. John’s Wood. These clear aligners are changed every 7-14 days, moving onto the next set until your teeth are shifted to their desired positions.

This tooth straightening treatment is not only clear, but it’s also a flexible alternative to traditional metal braces. As removable aligners, you can take them out when you eat, drink or brush your teeth. Although we encourage patients to wear their aligners at all other times, you can even take them out at the odd extra special occasion if you want to. That way, Invisalign can fit around your lifestyle.

A grin to be proud of

If you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth discreetly in a friendly environment, visit Aura Dental and we can start you on your journey towards your ideal smile.

Crowded teeth in crowded places

As the residents of London already know, the city is a pretty busy place. There is a lot going on and lots of people brushing shoulders, getting on with their hectic days. When things get too busy, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. It might be that you’ve constantly been meaning to do something about your teeth but not sure how to fit it around your lifestyle as a Londoner. In St. John’s Wood, braces are there to rid you of those lingering concerns that are tainting your smile and give you a plan around your lifestyle.

Braces in St Johns WoodAt Aura Dental, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments in order to suit every individual. Whether you are looking for a fixed option or discrete, we have a range of treatments to offer. Each treatment is designed to fit in around your lifestyle, while also giving you the discretion you desire on the journey to your ideal smile.

Invisible, discreet and effective

Invisalign is the favourable option for adults as the clear aligners are practically invisible. This treatment works through a series of aligners which are changed every 1-2 weeks to gradually shift your teeth to the correct position. You take off the removable aligners when you eat, drink and brush your teeth which means you can have the best smile during and after treatment.

Fixed braces are also popular in St John’s Wood, not only amongst adults but teenagers too. The brackets for fixed appliances can be ceramic (white) or metal dependent on the preference of the patient.

Invisalign fits neatly into your life in St John’s Wood

Finding a brace that fits in with your lifestyle – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Especially if, when you think of braces, you envision clunky train tracks that run across the teeth in a blaze of conspicuous metal.

Braces have moved on though – even fixed braces aren’t the socially awkward nightmare they used to be with the introduction of tooth coloured brackets. However, there are discreet and easy-to-use options available here at Aura Dental.

Invisalign in St John’s WoodIn St John’s Wood, Invisalign is increasingly used by not only our adult patients but teenagers in order to get a straighter smile without sacrificing months of their social life in the process.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a patented technology to move teeth in the form of clear aligners. Instead of pulling the teeth into position, it gently nudges them into place over 4-18 months with a series of clear plastic aligners that look much like thin mouth guards. Treatment length depends on the severity of movement required and this can be discussed at Aura Dental’s free consultations.

Pressure points inside the aligners do the straightening work and at first, the trays will feel strange, but after 7-10 days the pressure will ease.

Why are they so convenient?

Unlike metal braces, you don’t need to come regularly in to see the dentist to have them tightened. Once you have the aligners, your dentist will recommend when these need to be changed, between 7-14 days per set, and review appointments will be required every 6-10 weeks to check on progress. This is handy if you travel a lot or want to have a period away during treatment.

The aligners are removable so you take them out for eating and cleaning, meaning you can eat whatever you like, and there’s no bits of food getting stuck, or hours spent cleaning behind metal wires. You can also remove them for an hour or two for extra special occasions.

And because they are clear, they don’t announce to the world that you are having your teeth straightened, leaving you free to go about your daily life without having to answer a load of awkward questions.

Opening the door to dental implants in St John’s Wood

Being told you are losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, however, technology has advanced in the past decade and replacement teeth, made up of Dental Implants are a proven replacement.

Some patients, over time, experience loss of jawbone density which can mean complications in your journey. Several causes of bone loss, including: tooth loss, advanced gum disease, diabetes, smoking and osteoporosis could mean your dentist may have refused you the treatment in the past.

Dental Implants in St John’s WoodAura Dental believe that Dental Implants should be available to as many people as possible. Most patients do not require any additional help with their bone but procedures like bone augmentation and sinus lifts are available if required. Your bone levels can be assessed as part of your free consultation at Aura Dental.

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift increases bone density in the upper jaw where the sinus pocket has expanded to fill an area missing bone. Bone tissue is added either side of your nose, in between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses.

Sinuses come in all different shapes, sizes and they can also grow with age, therefore, this procedure can also help if your sinuses happen to be low in the upper jaw for implants to be safely fixed.

X-rays and a CT scan will give our implant surgeons the information they need to see if a sinus lift is necessary for you to have dental implants in St John’s Wood.

What is bone augmentation?

Bone augmentations, also known as a bone graft, can build up the jaw bone in order for implants to be placed. Bone is also used on some simple implants to speed up the healing. Most patients use a synthetic bone substitute but different options can be discussed during your consultation if bone is required.

There are different ways to carry out bone augmentation, including using a barrier material between the bone and soft tissues of the mouth to give the slower moving bone cells time and space to regenerate. New bone takes 3-12 months to stabilise before dental implants in St John’s Wood can be fitted.

Invisalign in St John’s Wood: you’re in charge

When people get to be adults, they like to take charge of most aspects of their lives, especially now in the 21st century. And that extends to dental treatments too. People want convenience and freedom and to be able to take responsibility for their treatments. At Aura Dental, we love how using Invisalign in St John’s Wood allows our patients to maintain freedom around food and autonomy with their dental treatments.

Invisalign allows self-responsibility because it is removable as well as pretty much unnoticeable once it is in place over the teeth. Here’s how it works:

Invisalign in St John’s WoodThe consultation

Invisalign in St John’s Wood always start with a thorough consultation. We need to be sure that Invisalign, which is great for mild to moderate treatments, is the right device for your straightening issues. If it is, we scan your teeth with a hand-held scanner that goes into your mouth and takes hundreds of pictures of your teeth that we then translate into a 3D image on the nearby screen. We use a simulation to show how your teeth need to move and what they will look like once they are aligned.

3D printing

A series of aligner trays are 3D-printed at the Invisalign plant in the US. Each one has precision-placed pressure points inside it. These press gently on your teeth to nudge them into alignment. You start with tray number one and wear it for 7-10 days. When the pressure wears off, your teeth have shifted slightly and it’s time to put in tray number two. You work your way through the entire series of trays and by the end your teeth are aligned. This takes, on average, a year.

You decide

You take your aligners out to eat and drink, and for cleaning. You dictate what you eat and when, and when you move onto the next aligner in the series. Because the trays do the work, you don’t need to keep coming back to us at short intervals. This saves time and money on appointments with us, but means you have to be responsible and make sure that you stay on track with your treatment by wearing your aligners for at least 20 hours a day.

Walk out with teeth already in place

One of the hassles of having dental implants in St John’s Wood is that you have to allow a good stretch of time while the implants integrate with your bone tissue. That may be fine and dandy if you have just one or two missing teeth and don’t mind living with a gap while the implant and bone below the gum line fuse with each other. But if you have a whole or arch of teeth that are failing, or maybe even both arches, you are not going to going around toothless for a few months, are you?

Well, the good news is that with Teeth in a Day dental implants in St John’s Wood, you don’t have to. How’s how this treatment works:

Dental Implants in St John’s WoodStage one: the implant surgery

You come into us at Aura Dental and we start by removing any teeth you have left in the arch that are failing. Once we have cleaned out your teeth, we are ready to insert between four and six dental implants on each arch. We usually put four dental implants in the lower arch, and six in the upper arch. Once that is done, we then attach some pre-made bridges, which our lab technician will have adapted to fit your arches. These are temporary teeth. You go home with your new teeth in a day.

Stage two: the healing stage

This is a vital part of getting dental implants in St John’s Wood, so you must not be all gung-ho with your new implants. For the first 24 hours, you will need bed rest, and then for the next week or so, you will have to restrict yourself to a liquid diet of soups and smoothies. You will be able to numb any pain with over-the-counter medications. It’s best then to remain on a soft food diet for the next few months so that you do not put strain on your implants while they are becoming one with your jawbone.

Stage three: you get your perfect teeth

You come back and we fit you with metal-reinforced bridges with crowns that are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

And that’s it. Job done.