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Tooth extractions at a dentist in St. John’s Wood

Tooth extractions are a painless procedure that are conducted under a local anesthetic, dentists never want to cause you pain so there is no need to dread this treatment and cause yourself added stress. We at Aura Dental, your dentist in St. John’s Wood, want to set your mind at ease and lower any anxiety you might have when it comes to needing one or more teeth extracted by creating an environment of ease and comfort for your experience at all your dentist visits in a relaxed and calm fashion.


Reasons for a tooth extraction

Tooth decay and advanced gum disease or even a chipped or broken tooth can often, with very careful dental work, be repaired and saved without needing to be taken out. There are cases, however, where we cannot save a tooth and this is if advanced gum disease has rotted away the soft tissue beyond repair or decayed the tooth so much that it cannot be saved with a root canal. To be able to properly consult on the state of a tooth, your dentist in St. John’s Wood will take an Xray of the area to assess the damage and make a decision on what needs to be done and whether or not the tooth can be saved.

If it happens that the tooth does indeed need to be removed, you will be injected with a local anesthetic to completely numb the area that needs to be worked on so that you won’t feel a thing. If you find that you are quite phobic or very nervous there is an option for you to be placed under sedation while we work, in order to set your nerves at ease and help us make things quicker and even more painless as the whole tooth, root and all, will be extracted and the area cleaned of all decay.

After the space where the tooth used to be has been properly cleaned it will be stitched and you will possibly be prescribed antibiotics to prevent any further infection after surgery, your dentist will also discuss possible tooth replacement options with you that best suit your needs.

Impacted wisdom teeth – depending on how these teeth are growing, can be a complicated and lengthy procedure which is why it is usually done under general anesthetic. Your wisdom teeth may begin to grow out when you reach adulthood, or even after. Ideally, they should cut through the gums with ease, but this is not always the case, sometimes they may grow beneath the other back teeth if there is not enough space in the mouth for them to come out, which can cause headaches and mouth pain.

These impacted teeth need to be removed to stop the other teeth from overcrowding or becoming crooked, there may be quite a bit of swelling after surgery and over the counter pain medication may be prescribed along with a diet of soft foods for a few days but the healing process is quick and you will be back to normal within 1-2 weeks after surgery at your dentist in St. John’s Wood.

Understanding the procedure for dental implants

While some people who may only be missing a single tooth or even a row of teeth, getting implants is probably the best solution, but there are patients who opt to replace teeth that are possibly healthy for a better more aesthetic smile. Undergoing this treatment is quite the process and involves some serious surgery, so Aura Dental, dentist in St John’s Wood, would like to explain it to you in detail so that you know the facts when making the decision to get dental implants.


If you still have teeth

Your dentist in St John’s Wood will require that the socket where the root fits into the jaw be completely empty and cleaned out before the implant can be placed. If you have a loose or decayed tooth or want to replace natural teeth, these will first need to be surgically removed and the area cleaned out and correctly treated to be made ready for the implant. The tooth extraction is performed under local anaesthetic.

The implant procedure

The now clean and open area where the implant will be placed needs to be properly numbed with a local anaesthetic, at this point, your dentist will decide if you will need a bone graft, this bone graft ensures a solid base necessary for the implant to fit into. If this turns out to be a lengthy and involved procedure; you may need to wait for a few months for the area to heal properly before proceeding with the implant surgery. However, if there’s enough bone from the get-go and you don’t need a bone graft then your dentist in St John’s Wood can place the implants immediately.

Dental implants are titanium posts or screws that your dentist places into the bone of your jaw by using a special drill and other tools, once the implant is correctly inserted, the gum is stitched up. You may get a temporary denture to cover up the gap in your mouth simply for aesthetic purposes but then you are sent home to heal before your next appointment. Depending on the quality of your bone, healing time can take 2-6 months, during this time, the bone fuses with the implant securing it in place thus making it strong enough to fit a false tooth without risking damage.

If the healing was a success then an abutment is connected to the implant. The dentist creates a crown that fits onto the abutment, this crown looks like a real tooth though it is often made of ceramic and will be made to match your other teeth or give you a brand new smile.


Dental implants are a permanent solution to a missing tooth and the fact that they resemble a natural tooth is very appealing to many people, they even feel similar to natural teeth and eating with these dental implants is the same as eating with natural teeth, which is often a common complaint among denture wearers, so you can go about your life as usual without the worry of your teeth falling out by becoming stuck in food.

Taking care of your dental hygiene with our dentist in St. John’s Wood

While we are sure you brush, floss and rinse diligently at home, nothing beats a professional clean at your dentist in St. John’s Wood. Like taking your car for a valet cleaning, someone else just does it better than you seem to manage on your own at home. Likewise, coming into Aura Dental to take advantage of our different dental hygiene options will give you the clean and polish your mouth deserves.


The dental hygienist’s role

A dental hygienist trains for two years to be able to fulfill their role and works closely with the dentist in St. John’s Wood to bring you to optimum oral health. They provide education to patients on how best to achieve oral health as well as school groups, residential homes, and other venues where education on this matter is important. Smoking can cause a list of very serious problems and a dental hygienist will provide advice and support on ceasing smoking as well as other tobacco products.

Other than education, a dental hygienist’s role is to perform a deep cleaning on your teeth and gums that you miss at home with your regular brushing. They can help treat periodontal disease by providing scaling and polishing (cleaning) to remove tartar above and below the gums which has built up around your teeth. A hygienist can also polish any surface stains that you are struggling to get rid of on your own, they are qualified to provide numbing injections before the procedure, so that your experience is pain-free should your plaque problem turn out to be quite severe. To identify areas of plaque and tartar build-up the dental hygienist may place a temporary dye on your teeth which adheres to the areas that need attention and provide you with advice on your personal home cleaning regime, to show you spots you may be missing before they professionally clean your teeth and gums.


As you are probably aware plaque is a sticky substance that builds on and between the teeth causing the bacteria (which loves sugar) that leads to gum disease. Plaque is removed by our dental hygienist to ensure the longevity of your gums and it is the reason why sugar is linked to tooth decay.

Scaling is a procedure used by the dental hygienist at your dentist in St. John’s Wood to remove plaque and even stains. With specialised equipment and ultrasonic devices deposits on the teeth and beneath the gums can be cleaned away, even bad tissue can be treated with this procedure, as the scaling can plane both the gums and the tooth’s root providing a new clean surface free from bacteria deposits, and necrotic tissue. 

A dental hygienist can also address issues of bad breath, caused by bacteria, smoking, alcohol, sugary foods, candida infections, menstruation, and many other factors that don’t necessarily involve having forgotten to brush in the morning.

Cleaning and flossing your teeth will be the final role our hygienist plays at your appointment, leaving you with smooth and clean pearly whites free of stains and bits of food that may be stuck which cause a build-up of plaque.

New Talent and Expertise At Aura Dental

george-angelidakisGeorge enjoys all aspects of dentistry with a special interest in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Clear Orthodontics and Facial Aesthetics, including Botox Anti-Wrinkle Injections and dermal fillers, to help his patients achieve a more youthful appearance and boost their self confidence.

He is a certified Invisalign, Inman Aligner and Cfast Clear Braces provider.

Using his combined knowledge and a comprehensive approach, he has gained an excellent reputation in “Designing Enhanced Smiles” for those inspired to change their look or cosmetic dental appearance.
Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, European Academy of Osseointegration and Faculty of General Dental Practice(UK).

Apart from Dentistry George enjoys traveling, watching movies and playing sports.

Lifelong dental health with Aura Dental

We know you have a choice when selecting dentists in St John’s Wood for you and your family’s needs. We also know that when you choose Aura Dental you will be making the right choice. Here’s why.

Our focus is on treating you like family, in fact many of our patients are our families and friends and we extend the same concern to each patient we see.  We also believe that a dental visit doesn’t have to be unpleasant or uncomfortable anymore. We use modern technologies to make your visit relaxing. Our new premises have been carefully designed with beautiful interior décor to help you relax and eliminate stress, leaving you with a sense of calmness.

Dentists in St John’s WoodEverything under one roof

Many dental practices only offer basic dental care. If you need to replace missing teeth, straighten your teeth, remove painful teeth or get rid of a toothache, you sometimes have to go to a distant and unfamiliar dentist.

We know you are busy and would rather get everything done in the same familiar, caring and convenient practice. That’s why we have invested in our equipment, technology and dentists in St John’s Wood, to ensure we can take care of all your needs under one roof.

Dr Tissera

Our principal dentist here at Aura Dental is Dr David Tissera. He qualified from King’s College School of Medicine & Dentistry London in 1997 and offers every patient his knowledge of 20 years’ dental expertise.

He is a highly experienced and professional dental surgeon, who has been in private practice for over 18 years. He has a keen interest in cosmetic and implant dentistry and performing smile makeovers. He is also experienced in adult teeth straightening using a variety of systems available at our practice, including Six Months Smiles, CFast and the Inman Aligner.

He believes that all the dentists in St John’s Wood must provide high quality dental care in a caring environment, using the most up to date tools available.

Being a dedicated and calming dentist has enabled Dr Tissera to grow a loyal patient base over his two decades’ experience, based almost solely on personal recommendation.