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Essential information about implant-retained dentures and dental implants in St John’s Wood

Have you become accustomed to wearing dentures? Then you are probably not thrilled at the thought of changing over to a new device.

Despite any inconveniences, dentures have served you well for the most part. So why not give them an upgrade so you can continue to wear a prosthesis you can trust?

dental-implant-retained-denturesImplant-supported dentures provide the stability that standard versions sometimes lack, with a similar frame that you have always used.

If you want to improve your dentures without having to switch to another prosthesis, come and have a chat with one of our highly skilled and experienced dentists at our clinic, Aura Dental.

In what cases can this variation of dental implants in St John’s Wood be worn?

If you do not have teeth but possess bone in your jaw, then denture-supported implants could be a possibility for you.

These types of implants are typically used for the lower jaw, which is more prone to becoming unstable over time, but can also be used for the upper jaw.

Is the device permanent?

It is up to you whether you want dentures that are permanent or removable. If you are not sure about which type is better for your needs, our dental practitioner will provide you with all the information you need to assist you in making an informed choice.

If you choose detachable dentures, you should remove them as you would with standard dentures and soak them in a solution overnight to prevent them from drying out.

More people are opting for dental implants in St John’s Wood that are permanent; that way, they do not have to remember to take out their device before bed.

Do I have to incorporate new steps into my teeth-cleaning regime?

If you choose removable implant-supported dentures, then you probably are no stranger to the rigorous cleaning routine that comes with a device of this kind.

To keep the device from getting dirty, stained or to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, you must remove old food particles after eating.

Before you go to sleep, pop the device in a cleaning solution or water to ensure it does not dry out; never use hot water because the heat can warp its shape.

Permanently attaching dentures onto dental implants in St John’s Wood is bound to simplify your teeth cleaning routine. Remember to brush and floss daily, and then enjoy life unimpeded by a faulty tooth restoration device.

How do you attach the device?

This depends on whether your dentist uses bar-retained or ball-retained dentures.

Bar-retained dentures comprise of a thin wire, which follows the shape of your jaw and is attached to your implants. Clips are added to the wire to which the set of dentures are fastened.

Ball-retained dentures work differently. An implant holds an attachment which fits into another attachment affixed to the denture.

Is there anything else that I should know?

Dentures are made from a durable material, but they are susceptible to wear and tear. If they crack or gradually loosen, resist fixing the device yourself and come and pay us an urgent visit.

Improve your dentures with us to better your quality of life!

Straighten your teeth with an array of modern braces in St John’s Wood

Braces are not as stigmatised now as they were in the past, when adults wearing straightening aids seemed unthinkable.

straighten-teethWhy this might now be the case is that there are several different types and methods of correcting crooked teeth that take account of people’s unique issues, as well as their lifestyle needs.

If you hate the way your teeth look, why not step into our practice at Aura Dental for a consultation regarding braces in St John’s Wood?

Taking a closer look at our methods of treatment

  • Invisalign

Invisalign should need no form of introduction. But in case you have not heard about it, Invisalign is a device that straightens teeth without wires – clear, BPA-approved plastic retainers are used in their place.

Invisalign corrects overbites and realigns overlapping, rotated, and irregularly-shaped teeth invisibly. Friends, family, and work colleagues will not know that you are wearing braces, yet the device is hard at work, pulling your teeth into their desired position.

Another reason for its popularity may be due to the technology we use for invisible braces in St John’s Wood. Utilising our digital imaging machine, you can see the predicted results, even before you have started treatment.

We also use it to check the progress of your teeth and to ascertain whether you are on course with your treatment.

  • Six month smiles

One complaint that we hear all the time is about the longevity of treatment, people do not want to wait for one to two years before they can flaunt perfectly straight teeth.

‘Six month smiles’ might be a more fitting solution for you if you are impatient and want to fix your teeth quickly.

However, bear in mind that the braces in St John’s Wood we use do not work more rapidly than the conventional types but only partially straighten your teeth. Only the teeth that are visible when you smile are corrected.

  • Inman aligner

An Inman aligner is similar to six month smiles in that only targeted teeth, such as protruding front teeth and overcrowding is addressed. However, you can enjoy the freedom of removing the device when you see fit.

  • Damon

Not everyone likes the detachable nature of Invisalign, and some people’s dental issues cannot be adequately fixed with six month smiles. Damon braces are a permanent orthodontic device that differs from traditional braces in that a clip mechanism replaces the ligatures and archwires.

Its users have reported the clip mechanism as being more efficient than the original wiring system of braces, because it allows for hassle-free adjustment. Not only that, but without the ligatures, the brace is less noticeable.

  • Removable orthodontic retainers

People forget how important it is to maintain newly straightened teeth, this requires a retainer.

Like braces and other straightening devices, the device might feel unfamiliar, bulky, or uncomfortable at first, but your mouth and teeth will eventually adapt to its presence.

For the first three months after wearing your braces, you need to wear the retainer for at least sixteen hours a day, and after that, keep it in at night.

There are various ways to straighten your teeth – why not find out from us!

Your options considering dental implants in St John’s Wood

You have probably heard about dental implants in St John’s Wood and might even know people whose lives have changed for the better because of them.

However, what you might not know is that there is more than one type of implant available. The implant you can have depends on the extent of your dental issues and your preferences.

dental-implants-st-johns-woodWhether you need replacement teeth, want to make the switch from dentures to implants, or your natural teeth are rotten, we can help you achieve a smile makeover.

Single and multiple dental implants in St John’s Wood

Have you knocked your tooth out whilst playing football or eating an apple? As anxious as you might feel about losing your tooth you can have it replaced.

Tooth implants not only look identical to your natural teeth, but also function like real ones, something you will notice when you eat, chew and talk.

If you have worn dentures for ages, you will know that while these devices do have their merits, there are times when they are inconvenient and ill-fitting.

The good news is that a single tooth implant can hold up to four adjacent crowns, making the prosthesis a considerable time and money saver.

Are there circumstances where implants are not a viable form of treatment for patients?

Unfortunately, there are restrictions on getting implants, which could delay the process of sporting new teeth.

The first requirement is that you must have healthy gums. If you are suffering with diseases, such as gingivitis, we will need to treat the condition before we can move ahead with your implant surgery.

One way of reversing the effects of gingivitis is with scaling and root planing, which removes harmful plaque and hardened tartar deposits between your teeth, and above and below your gum line.

A deep clean of this type takes one or two sessions to complete and does require a local anaesthetic to numb any pain and discomfort.

You also need to have enough bone in your jaw in which to embed the implant. Generally, if you have put off replacing your missing tooth for a while or have worn other types of replacement teeth for an extended time, you may possess insufficient bone to support implants.

Telltale signs that you lack bone is a shrunken facial appearance around the jaw area.

If you still want tooth implants despite this, a bone graft is an option available to you that can regenerate the growth of bone. A bone graft involves transplanting bone from other areas of the body and grafting it to your jaw. Over time, the graft creates new bone, which can take months to achieve.


Waiting for months on end is not an option for some people, because they do not want to sport a gummy smile or unpredictable prosthesis for an indeterminate amount of time.

Teeth-in-a-day can replace teeth in the upper or lower jaw using only four to six implants. We will drill the implants wherever there is bone, thus rendering bone grafts unnecessary.

Are you embarrassed by the gaps between your teeth or a prosthesis that has stopped giving your mouth support? Dental implants in St John’s Wood might be the answer for which you have been looking.

Keep smiling with Invisalign in St John’s Wood

Thanks to modern orthodontics, a straighter smile is easier to attain now than ever, but not everyone is thrilled about the idea of wearing conventional braces.

invisalign-st-johns-woodWant to correct your smile without having to wear unattractive metal on your teeth? We always recommend Invisalign in St John’s Wood to our shy patients who do not wish to draw attention to themselves or for adults who think wearing metal braces at their age is inappropriate.

Who are we and what can we offer you?

We are Aura Dental, a reputable dental practice located in the heart of London. We offer a wide range of procedures to treat various problems, but we are particularly enthused about Invisalign in St John’s Wood, a groundbreaking treatment in the field of orthodontics.

What makes Invisalign in St John’s Wood different from traditional straightening aids?

Invisalign or invisible braces comprise of transparent custom-fitted braces that can be removed to eat and brush your teeth.

The device is appealing because it is virtually unnoticeable in your mouth, so you can wear it in public, to work and around friends without anybody knowing.

How can these invisible braces work without a functional wiring system?

Standard methods of straightening teeth use archwires, ligatures and metal brackets to pull your teeth into place. The same amount of pressure is placed on your teeth at once and your teeth slowly move into position over a period of one to two years or longer.

On the other hand with Invisalign, your teeth are moved incrementally using multiple aligner trays which must be replaced every two weeks for the treatment to be effective.

Advanced technology is also used to monitor your progress, right from the start of your journey with us. We use Clincheck, a 3D imaging technology which shows us whether your teeth are moving correctly and also gives us – and you – an accurate prediction of how your teeth should look post-treatment.

By knowing what the results will be of your treatment, you are more likely to stay motivated and remain disciplined in consistently wearing your aligner for eighteen months to two years.

What are some benefits of Invisalign?

Apart from being invisible, and an efficient straightening aid, there are other advantages of becoming an Invisalign user. For one thing, you will not have to worry about ulcers and mouth sores developing, as can happen when metal braces rub against the skin, which can be uncomfortable and painful.

The smooth plastic of Invisalign aligner trays will not result in you nursing unpleasant mouth injuries.

The detachable nature of invisible braces means you can take them out whenever you want to, but it is better to keep them in for twenty-two hours per day. You can remove the device before you brush your teeth, allowing for you to remove bacteria and leftover food in those hard-to-reach spaces.

In this way, your oral health is not compromised by your straightening aid. The same cannot be said for metal braces, which make cleaning teeth more of a challenge where plaque easily accumulates if you are not careful.

It is never too late and you are never too old to have your teeth straightened. Interested? Call us today at Aura Dental.

The difference between dental implants and dentures

When looking at your options, you may have been given several choices regarding replacing your teeth and are perhaps confused about the terminology that is frequently going around.

We wanted to take this opportunity to offer some insight into what options are available and why some treatment plans are recommended to you over others. It is good practice to always be informed of all of the available options that you have, so that you can make an informed decision as to what you believe is the right course of action for you to take.

dental-implantsBy highlighting the advantages and potential risks of every different treatment, our dentists at Aura Dental are gifting to you their many years of experience and training so that you can make the best possible decision.

Sometimes, you can feel cornered and confused, unable to take an option that seems right for you due to cost or other factors. By speaking with our compassionate, friendly and non judgemental staff, we can work through these concerns and reach an understanding whereby you are happy and at peace with your decision.

Dental implants in St. John’s Wood can be expensive. This is because they are not often covered by insurance or the NHS and therefore need to be paid for out of your pocket. We have considerate and favourable finance plans that allow you to achieve the health goals that are important to you. We will be happy to go through these with you when you come in to speak with us.

Dentures are an affordable option, but come with some drawbacks that might leave you feeling like your quality of life has been diminished. You may find eating certain foods to be difficult, if not impossible and over time you can lose confidence in your ability to laugh and talk without losing your teeth.

Thankfully, you can rectify this concern with dental implants in St. John’s Wood. The all-on-four treatment system enables you to securely attach your dentures onto four titanium rods placed strategically around your mouth for optimal support and comfort.

These titanium rods fuse with your jawbone and create a very long lasting and strong support system for your dentures to be attached to. They can be clipped into place and removed again for cleaning at your own convenience.

Dental implants in St. John’s Wood can give you back your confidence in your smile whilst maintaining jawbone health and strength. We strongly believe that for those people who do not want to feel inhibited by their smile but rather liberated by it, they should look into this procedure in depth to see if it is right for them.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending on whether you need to have some treatments performed initially to ready your jawbone for the insertion of the titanium rods, this treatment can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. However, ‘same day teeth’ is a common term used for this treatment because you can have the four rods inserted and a temporary denture plate placed into position on a single day, giving you a brand new smile in a single appointment.

A lot of this time is given to allowing correct fusion between the implant and bone, and this is monitored over several months to ensure that everything is going to plan.

Endless options of braces are now available

Gone are the days where traditional braces in St. John’s Wood were the only teeth straightening devices available to both teenagers and adults who were looking to correct their smile and enjoy a healthier mouth.

bracesNow, thanks to the continual advances in technology, we are able to provide you with a range of options that can meet your expectations and blend in with your lifestyle choices to match. We understand that many people are hesitant to bring about this positive change in their lives, because of the potential effect that the journey will have on their working or social lives.

In response to this, we have produced a number of braces in St. John’s Wood that are fast acting, clear, removable or even invisible, meaning that if any concerns are overwhelming your decision to improve the health and appearance of your smile, then we may have a solution for you.

What are the benefits of straight teeth?

When you have committed to beginning your journey to a healthier mouth with braces in St. John’s Wood, or if you are still considering the advantages and potential disadvantages that you are faced with, it is good to know why having straight teeth is so important.

Crooked teeth are not only unconsciously judged by others in society, leading people to believe you are less trustworthy, successful and intelligent, but they can also stunt your confidence in yourself.

Aside from social conditioning, an incorrect bite and crooked teeth can cause biting and chewing issues, impair speech, leave you more susceptible to injury during a fall or an accident and can even cause bad breath.

Bad bacteria can build up in hard to reach places between tight spaces and where teeth crossover. This bacteria is one of the leading causes of bad breath and can also accelerate enamel erosion and cause cavities. By straightening your teeth, you are giving yourself and your dentist a better chance at maintaining an appropriate level of oral hygiene.

What kinds of devices are available?

Traditional models consisting of wires and brackets are still in frequent use, although they have been modified to be more efficient, meaning that the average length of time that you may need to wear them has been reduced.

More modern removable devices are extensively used and work to great effect on those who have mild to moderate misalignments. Also 3D scanning technology has allowed clear, removable devices to be easier than ever to create and we are able to show you how your teeth will transform using visual aids.

These 3D scans can digitally pinpoint the correct positioning of each tooth and calculate when  the optimal time to move each tooth is by certain degrees, to provide the best results in the shortest amount of time.

It is just one of the ways that technology is advancing and improving the methods that dentists have traditionally used to alter your smile for the better.

It is an immensely exciting time to be able to enhance your smile quickly and effectively. By speaking with one of our team members today about what options are available to you, you can see for yourself the diverse range of treatment plans that we have on offer.

What is the dental implant process?

The procedure for dental implants in St. John’s Wood consists of several steps which result in a fully functional and extremely natural looking smile that you can enjoy for a very long time. This almost permanent procedure is able to last many patients practically a lifetime given that they maintain appropriate care of their oral health.

Dental Implants in St Johns WoodIf you are interested in dental implants in St. John’s Wood and would like to speak with a dentist at Aura Dental about how they can improve your life, then we warmly urge you to get in touch so that we can begin the journey towards a healthier and happier you.

If you have lost a tooth, several teeth or have just heard of denture stabilisation using dental implants in St John’s Wood, then this treatment can be tailor made to suit your individual needs and desires. We are able to create a single crown, a bridge or attach dentures to these titanium rods in any way that is best suited for your smile, to provide maximum comfort with minimal healing time.

It really depends on your personal situation and what your smile goals are as to how we will proceed together. The beauty of this treatment is that there are many avenues that we can take to ensure the best possible chances of success and your satisfaction.

Take me through the process

At an initial consultation, we will determine whether you are suitable for this treatment plan. Your medical history and your current state of health will be taken into account, as those with underlying medical and dental conditions may need to control these before continuing with the procedure.

We will then take a series of scans to establish whether you have sufficient bone density in your jawbone to be able to support the titanium rod. If you have worn dentures for an extended period of time and have found that they have begun to slip and frequently fall out, you may be experiencing a natural loss of bone in the jaw.

We are able to insert a small piece of human, animal or synthetic bone into your jaw for an implant to be attached to. If you do not have sufficient bone density to immediately undergo the implant treatment, you can rest assured knowing that we are able to perform this bone graft to set you on your way.

The minor surgical procedure that takes place for the implant involves a small titanium rod to be placed directly into the jawbone. Here it fuses with bone and surrounding tissue to create a permanent and stable site for your crown, bridge or denture to be firmly secured to.

After a period of time to allow your body to heal, we can create a natural looking tooth or teeth that can be permanently placed onto the titanium rod to give you back your smile again.

These false teeth look and feel as real as your original teeth and you can bite and chew without concern. It is with this attention to detail that we have found our patients to be so satisfied with the final results. We are very pleased to be able to offer you this treatment and hope that it can change your life for the better.

When you need braces

Either you have finally found the motivation and desire to correct your misaligned teeth and bite, in order to have that confident and beautiful smile that you deserve, or you have been informed by your dentist that it is important at this stage in your life to wear a corrective aligner. Whatever your personal situation, you have begun a journey that many before you have undertaken and one that is full of positive growth, change and sometimes trying moments. We at our practice are very happy to support anyone ready to embark on this procedure.

Braces in St Johns WoodSome people are excited to bring about this chapter in their lives. Having Braces in St. John’s Wood means that after several months they will have a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile that can improve their confidence among numerous other health benefits.

Others may be apprehensive, disappointed or anxious about their impending journey. Fear of the unknown is completely natural and braces in St. John’s Wood unfortunately still hold a stigma that is entirely unwarranted in this modern age.

There are many options available that were not even thought of in previous decades. Invisible, removable aligners are now commonly used for mild to moderate misalignments and the speed with which all braces in St. John’s Wood are working is much faster than that of decades ago.

How is this possible?

Thanks to continual and progressive advancements in research and technology, dentists and researchers have been able to develop new and improved methods to streamline the teeth straightening process for those who simply need cosmetic alignments made to their teeth.

For those with more complex cases, traditional methods are still proving to be the most suitable method, however these styles too have experienced a makeover and are now available in many different materials and are more efficient.

One teeth straightening treatment has progressed in popularity so much that several sub-designs have been created to suit popular niches that are frequently presented in dental practices. We are of course talking about Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

These teeth straightening aligners are both clear and removable, which has targeted some of the biggest concerns that both teenagers and adults have when they are to begin their teeth straightening journey.

Most of us feel that we will be judged on our appearance whilst straightening our teeth, subjecting ourselves to potential workplace discrimination or bullying from our peers.

By wearing a clear, plastic tray that effectively works by pushing teeth into their correct position over time, rather than pulling them straight like traditional aligners do, nobody needs to know that you are straightening your teeth at all.

It is important that you follow the guidelines laid out to you by your dentist at Aura Dental strictly if you are wishing to see results. This means that even though you are given the freedom to remove your aligners at any time, if you do not wear them for a minimum of 20 hours every day, then they may not work as well as expected.

This freedom lets you eat the foods you love without having to worry about bits getting stuck in wires or having to follow a lengthy cleaning procedure. You are also free to remove your aligners for a photograph or for a sporting event, meaning that you are still in control of your life and how you want to live it.

Are plaque removal tools safe to use at home?

By Maya Samuel

You may have recently seen specialised plaque removal tools on sale for the general public to purchase on social media. These tools are known as scalers and are used by dental hygienists to remove plaque and calculus from your teeth during a hygiene visit. A hygienist will gently clean around your teeth and under your gum-line to ensure they are free from bacteria and calculus whilst giving you advice on how to maintain good oral health at home. Sometimes deeper cleaning is required where the hygienist will clean the root surfaces of your teeth.

The tools they use can be very sharp and if used improperly, can damage your teeth and gums and although widely available, they are not recommended by dental professionals for patients to use themselves at home. As these tools are sharp and gum tissue is very delicate, it is easy to cause trauma. Trauma can result in gum recession which in turn increases your risk of developing sensitivity and tooth decay as the root surface is softer than enamel. You may also cause trauma to other soft tissues such as your cheeks and tongue. Finally, you may cause damage to your enamel which is irreversible and as a result, stains will pick up faster. If you require deeper root surface cleaning, then this will be very difficult and dangerous to carry out on yourself.

Hygienists are required to undergo a minimum of 2 years’ worth of training at university to learn how to use these tools effectively and most importantly, safely. Removing plaque is extremely important in preventing gum disease and tooth decay, however there are other ways of doing this. Remembering to brush twice a day using the correct technique for a minimum of 2 minutes at a time. Ensuring you are using a soft toothbrush head, a fluoridated toothpaste and using some form of interdental aid e.g. floss or interdental brushes at least once a day to ensure optimal oral health.

If you are concerned about the presence of plaque in your mouth, please visit your dentist or hygienist to have a full mouth assessment and if necessary, treatment carried out by a qualified dental hygienist.

Getting dental implants is like getting your original teeth back

Many people panic when they lose a tooth because they feel that there is nothing that they can do about it. Some will go for years with a gap in their teeth, feeling frustrated or disheartened every time they open their mouth to smile. At Aura Dental we understand how upsetting it can be to lose a tooth and have a range of treatments on hand to restore your smile completely and leave you feeling confident and proud about it.

Dental Implants in St Johns WoodMaking the decision to get dental implants in St John’s Wood will be amongst the wisest decisions you have ever made. Permanently fixed into your mouth, these replacement teeth will feel and look exactly like your original ones did. There is no need to worry about encountering embarrassing situations where your false teeth come loose or fall out, and you can eat and chew whatever you like when you go out for dinner. There are no restrictions when it comes to tooth implants, and they will make you look and feel years younger.

What treatments are available at our practice?

You will most likely know at your consultation appointment what kind of treatments you are going to need, to go alongside your dental implants in St John’s Wood. If you have a single tooth missing, then it is more than likely that a crown will be used to close the gap in your teeth and give you the appearance of having a full set of teeth again.

Sometimes a partial denture will be attached if you are missing a few teeth in a row. These are common when someone has had several teeth knocked out in an accident. A full denture is also available for those of our patients that need full sets of teeth replacing. Several of our patients decided to upgrade their removable dentures to this more permanent solution too.

Whilst you will need to have one implant fitted if you are having a crown, you may not need one per tooth if you are having a whole set of teeth replaced. Your dental practitioner will be able to discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

Taking care of your artificial teeth

It is vitally important that after you get your dental implants in St John’s Wood you take proper care of them. They can be cleaned and brushed the same as your original teeth were, as long as this was twice a day and thoroughly. The better care you take of your new teeth the longer they will last you. In some cases, this can be up to twenty years or even for the rest of your life.

Brushing your teeth properly will help prevent gum disease and other problems from occurring too, and it is important to do what you can to maintain a good level of general health. If your crowns, dentures or bridges become damaged or simply need replacing, this can be done easily without interfering with your implant. If you notice that one of your artificial teeth appears damaged, then it is recommended that you book an appointment to see one of our dental practitioners as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. We will be able to provide you with the correct treatment and explain exactly what has happened to your tooth or teeth.