Taking care of your dental hygiene with our dentist in St. John’s Wood

While we are sure you brush, floss and rinse diligently at home, nothing beats a professional clean at your dentist in St. John’s Wood. Like taking your car for a valet cleaning, someone else just does it better than you seem to manage on your own at home. Likewise, coming into Aura Dental to take advantage of our different dental hygiene options will give you the clean and polish your mouth deserves.


The dental hygienist’s role

A dental hygienist trains for two years to be able to fulfill their role and works closely with the dentist in St. John’s Wood to bring you to optimum oral health. They provide education to patients on how best to achieve oral health as well as school groups, residential homes, and other venues where education on this matter is important. Smoking can cause a list of very serious problems and a dental hygienist will provide advice and support on ceasing smoking as well as other tobacco products.

Other than education, a dental hygienist’s role is to perform a deep cleaning on your teeth and gums that you miss at home with your regular brushing. They can help treat periodontal disease by providing scaling and polishing (cleaning) to remove tartar above and below the gums which has built up around your teeth. A hygienist can also polish any surface stains that you are struggling to get rid of on your own, they are qualified to provide numbing injections before the procedure, so that your experience is pain-free should your plaque problem turn out to be quite severe. To identify areas of plaque and tartar build-up the dental hygienist may place a temporary dye on your teeth which adheres to the areas that need attention and provide you with advice on your personal home cleaning regime, to show you spots you may be missing before they professionally clean your teeth and gums.


As you are probably aware plaque is a sticky substance that builds on and between the teeth causing the bacteria (which loves sugar) that leads to gum disease. Plaque is removed by our dental hygienist to ensure the longevity of your gums and it is the reason why sugar is linked to tooth decay.

Scaling is a procedure used by the dental hygienist at your dentist in St. John’s Wood to remove plaque and even stains. With specialised equipment and ultrasonic devices deposits on the teeth and beneath the gums can be cleaned away, even bad tissue can be treated with this procedure, as the scaling can plane both the gums and the tooth’s root providing a new clean surface free from bacteria deposits, and necrotic tissue. 

A dental hygienist can also address issues of bad breath, caused by bacteria, smoking, alcohol, sugary foods, candida infections, menstruation, and many other factors that don’t necessarily involve having forgotten to brush in the morning.

Cleaning and flossing your teeth will be the final role our hygienist plays at your appointment, leaving you with smooth and clean pearly whites free of stains and bits of food that may be stuck which cause a build-up of plaque.