Smiling: A Scientifically Proven Method of Increasing Confidence

If you have been looking for ways to raise your confidence, you probably have taken the advice of numerous people. The problem with that is those methods, though effective, worked specifically for them. Now, it is not to say that for you to feel better about yourself, you need deep introspection. It is the opposite actually, because at times, you just need to smile more.

smilingSocial psychologist Amy Cuddy, speaking at a TED conference, enlightened her audience about how standing in a posture of confidence works. Even when you are literally faking it, open statures, such as smiling and generally occupying more space, gives us more self-belief.

It’s All in the Head

The ‘power poses’ are all physical, but its effects are primarily neurological. Your testosterone levels spike and your cortisol, the stress hormone, is low. It is the best recipe if you want to feel better or have a better face to show everyone. Many leaders have the same hormonal situation, and they are never short of confidence and are good stress managers.

The ‘Dental’ Problem

Maybe, the root of your low confidence is the fact that your smile, a determinant of a person’s happiness, is not up to scratch. You are not the only one to have this, and you certainly would not be the last. Yet, the worst thing you can do is avoid the problem. It is such a small thing to be affecting you so much, so we here at Aura Dental suggest you have it sorted.

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