Matching dental implants to your teeth and face

So you’ve decided to get dental implants in St. John’s Wood to replace missing or decaying teeth and your next question may be, will they look fake or out of place? We at Aura Dental understand that the investment you make in your implants is not only for the many health benefits they may ensure, but to recreate your personal, best smile so that you may have the confidence to go about your life without worrying about false looking teeth that are mismatched in size or colour.

dental implants in St. John’s Wood

What makes your teeth unique?

Depending on your genetics and lifestyle your teeth, and the bite marks they create, are unique to you and you alone; like a fingerprint, no two sets of teeth are exactly the same. People who drink coffee or cola in excess may have stained teeth due to the tannins in the liquids which cause colour compounds to stick to the tooth enamel, and a smoker may present with one or more blackened teeth. However, colour isn’t the only identifiable factor that makes your smile truly your own; the way your tooth emerges from the gum, its size and shape are all a part of your unique oral makeup which can change over time, depending on how you chew or if you grind your teeth at night or not.

It’s for these reasons that dental implants in St. John’s Wood are able to match a false porcelain crown to your natural teeth perfectly; you can’t have one pure white tooth next to your natural teeth which were never pure white to begin with, it isn’t natural and will be highly noticeable and look very out of place.

Matching the crowns

The science of the implant is one thing, how the bone fuses to the titanium screw over time is a fascinating tale all on its own, but the art of creating a tooth unique to an individual is a whole other field of expertise that dental laboratories have just about perfected.

By using photography and shade guides at your implant appointments, we are able to provide the laboratories with as much information as possible to perfectly match your new crown to the rest of your teeth. The use of porcelain perfectly mimics the natural transparency of real teeth, and dental artistry professionals are able to sculpt not only the custom shape, but get the false tooth to look real by making the tip thinner than the base and recreating the different waves and ridges each tooth may have according to your personal profile.

If you find that you would like to whiten and brighten your smile, it is best to get your natural teeth bleached before your dentist sends a colour profile to the lab, because porcelain cannot be bleached and it is advised that any colour changes be done before your new teeth are made.

Taking care of your new teeth

The beauty of dental implants in St. John’s Wood is that your new porcelain teeth act just like normal teeth and are cleaned and taken care of in the same way, by brushing and flossing daily. With regular dental check-ups advised as per usual.