Living with braces; how to make the most of your treatment

If you have been told by your dentist that you need braces in St John’s Wood, be positive about it. Having metal fixed to your teeth might not be ideal, but the results they yield will change your life and the way you smile forever.

Braces in St Johns WoodIf you are unhappy about needing braces in St John’s Wood, read our self-help guide to getting braces and this will change your outlook.

I will look silly, especially because I’m an adult

Traditional braces in St John’s Wood look very different from the way they used to in the past; they are lighter on the teeth and are no longer bulky and cumbersome.

Despite there being less of a stigma attached to braces, people still think braces look childish and worry about what people might think, especially friends and work colleagues.

If you find yourself thinking like this, consider that you are improving your appearance for the better, with the end result being straight teeth.

If you find that regular metal braces are too flashy, there are ways to make them less noticeable.  For one, avoid picking elastic bands that are orange, yellow, red, blue, or any bright colour that draws attention. Neutral greys might work best in ensuring that your braces are as discreet as possible.

There are alternatives to traditional methods of straightening teeth

People who dread the idea of needing orthodontic treatment do not know that there is more than one option available to them.

If you cannot stand the idea of having to wear metal, there may be other devices that suit your lifestyle better, all the while realigning your teeth to their desired position.

These options include Invisalign or invisible braces, lingual braces or ceramic braces.

Invisalign is by far our most popular treatment for straightening teeth, especially among self-conscious teenagers and adults. Their popularity stems from the fact that this brace has no resemblance to the traditional aid, because no metal is used, and the clear plastic it is constructed from is practically invisible to the unknowing and untrained eye.

Another key feature of invisible braces which people love is that they are detachable. Grown tired of wearing your aligner? Take it out for a few minutes to allow your teeth some breathing room. That said, remember that while you can take it out whenever you feel like it, you should aim to keep the device in your mouth for 22 hours every day.

If for whatever reason, invisible braces can’t treat your dental issues or is not suitable for your needs, other aids are both effective in straightening teeth while remaining imperceptible. For one, lingual braces are a customised device comprising of wires, brackets and ligatures that are fixed to the back of the teeth instead of the front. Their position is out of plain sight entirely and will appeal to self-conscious braces wearers.

Ceramic braces are yet another example of an inconspicuous orthodontic device.  In theory, ceramic braces are identical to regular braces, with the primary difference being that the brackets are made from tooth-coloured materials and not metal. Thus, the brackets blend in with your teeth and are barely noticeable.