Invisalign in St John’s Wood; solving achy jaws and tooth problems

Misaligned teeth such as underbites, overbites and crossbites may well be causing you to suffer from achy jaws due to irregular wear and tear of your teeth. These out-of-line teeth, are harder to clean, and can therefore harbour more bacteria in all those nooks and crannies, increasing incidences of tooth decay and possible gum infections. So why aren’t you fixing your wonky teeth?

Invisalign in St Johns WoodYou may have been avoiding braces due to the belief they have to be metal and fixed, requiring a high involvement with your dentist. Thanks to innovation and clever design, there are now removable, transparent brace options that we at Aura Dental offer our patients. In St John’s Wood, Invisalign offers adults a new approach to gaining straighter teeth.


Invisalign in St Johns Wood consist of a series of customised, transparent, removable aligners. They are worn like a mouthguard, steadily straighten your teeth in small incremental steps. Each step represents a new bespoke aligner. It takes each aligner approximately 7-10 days to reset your teeth into their new position. Once repositioned, the process is repeated with the next aligner. The whole realignment journey takes approximately 18 months to complete.

Why they work so well

The aligners are printed using 3D technology, firstly by creating a 3D image of your mouth, and then using a computer design program to produce a ‘finished’ projected image of your teeth after treatment. A journey is then plotted step by step, linking the initial start image to the finished final position your teeth will be in. Each step represents a new aligner, that has a slight shift included into its design. Each aligner is 3D printed to pinpoint accuracy.

This accuracy allows the aligner to fit precisely over your teeth, so it will not slip and requires no fixative or fixing apparatus to keep it in place. Since it is also made from transparent, hard-wearing plastic, these braces are virtually invisible when worn.

The additional benefits are experienced by our patients because Invisalign can be removed easily for cleaning, eating, and also the odd, rare special event.

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