Interested in dental implants in St.Johns Wood? Aura Dental’s list of benefits when choosing oral implants

Although many people are only just learning about dental implants within the UK, the first dental implant was successfully fitted to a human volunteer in 1965. Even then, this implant boasted superior quality to dentures, relating to stability, durability and appearance.

Dental Implants in St Johns WoodToday, dental technology has evolved, and dental implants in St.Johns Wood are becoming a more popular option for many dental patients who want to rejuvenate their smiles and boost their confidence. This growing popularity has also prompted more dental surgeries to offer them to suitable patients and has caused the overall costs of having them fitted to drop too!

Benefits of dental implants

Dentures and bridges were once considered the traditional methods for filling gaps in teeth, or to help those who had lost many teeth to bite and chew food.

However, dentures came with their drawbacks. Many people felt that even with the highest quality denture glues, their dentures still moved and made it difficult for them to bite or chew food effectively. Dentures also created the issue of rubbing against the jaw line, causing sore spots and recurrent ulcers.


The dental implants in St.Johns wood are attached directly to the jawline with a small, titanium screws. As they are perfectly aligned with your jaw’s natural shape, there will be no painful rubbing or pressure sores.

Many patients worry about the discomfort of having implants fitted but don’t worry. At Aura Dental we are experienced in fitting implants and have been told by customers that having them fitted is less painful than having a tooth extracted.


All dental implants are designed to look like your natural teeth. If you still have teeth in your mouth or we have access to previous x-rays of your teeth, we will aim to match the shape, colour and texture of your original tooth/teeth.

There will be no differently coloured or shaped teeth in your mouth, meaning you can smile with supreme confidence in your newly fitted teeth, No one will be able to tell the difference!


If you don’t want the gleaming Hollywood smile, we can design your implants to fit your desired appearance.

We will take our time to design, shade and shape the implants so they look as natural as possible, creating a visually pleasing look. If you want to go for the full ice white look, we can do that too! Whatever appearance you are aiming for, we can create it.


Once fitted, dental implants do not move and cannot fall out of your mouth, unless severely damaged in a high impact collision.

You can eat and drink the same things you did before, without having to worry about the implants moving or falling out. Customers who have switched from dentures to implants have reported that their ability to chew has significantly improved along with their bite and that they now enjoy eating tougher foods.