How dentists help to tackle a wide range of health issues

Dentists don’t just play a vital role in looking after your oral health; they help to avoid a range of general health conditions too. At Aura Dental in St John’s Wood our skilled and experienced dentists use early detection techniques to spot signs of problems before you have noticed anything is amiss yourself, making treatment much simpler and easier.

dental-healthThe dentists at our St John’s Wood clinic are passionate about preventative dentistry. That means, in an ideal world, stopping any problems before they start, or at the very least treating them before they have the chance to become serious.

How dentists can help your general health and wellbeing

Gum disease and tooth decay are the two leading causes of tooth loss, but unfortunately they often don’t have any noticeable symptoms until they have become a serious problem. You may notice blood in the sink when you brush your teeth – an early indicator of gum health problems – whilst with tooth decay the first symptom is often pain, although some people detect a cavity themselves with their tongue.

Our St John’s Wood dentists will use x-rays to check inside your teeth and under any pre-existing restorations such as crowns, fillings, or onlays. Often a tooth can look healthy on the outside but have early signs of decay inside. They will also be able to spot early signs of gum disease.

Several medical studies have linked gum disease to a range of general health problems, which range from heart and lung disease to rheumatoid arthritis, strokes and diabetes to low birth weight in babies whose mother suffered from a serious form of the condition.

By helping to prevent tooth loss, your St John’s Wood dentists will also help to ensure that you can eat a healthy and balanced diet, maintaining good nutrition. Tooth loss can also damage your body image and confidence, leading to feelings of social isolation and loneliness, and other problems with your mental health.

Dentists are passionate about health, and will always provide you with fully customised treatment designed to suit your individual clinical situation and lifestyle.