Help your teeth align with Invisalign

Misaligned teeth can affect the appearance of your smile, your self-esteem as well as the basic function and integrity of your teeth. If you don’t want to wear braces because you detest the idea of metal brackets and wires, maybe it’s time to consider Invisalign in St John’s Wood.

Even if you had a beautiful smile as a child or teenager, chances are that your dentition will change later in life. This could happen due to genetic reasons or bad habits. Sometimes alignment issues occur because of tooth loss complications. At Aura Dental, we will identify the problem behind your misaligned teeth and check whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign in St John’s Wood.

Invisalign in St John’s WoodCustomised aligners

Invisalign in St John’s Wood has many benefits and most people prefer this treatment over other types of adult braces because it is discreet. However, Invisalign is also customised to suit your needs. Our dentists at Aura Dental will guide you through the process of creating your aligners, while answering any questions you may have. Invisalign aligners are easy to wear and can be maintained very easily – simply wash them gently with some water every time you remove them and they are good to go.

Simplify your daily routine

Metal braces can often trap foods remains in-between the brackets or hard-to-reach areas in your mouth and this can become quite frustrating in the long run. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, need to be removed every time you eat or drink anything except water. This ensures that the aligners remain clean and are not stained. Just make sure to put them back in straight after as you may compromise your treatment if you remove aligners for long periods of time every day.

It’s all about comfort

Invisalign aligners are particularly ideal for patients who have worn regular braces in the past and found them quite uncomfortable. With no metal touching your inner mouth, the feeling is different, and you will soon forget that you are undergoing treatment.

Don’t hesitate to call

Not convinced? Patients who have used Invisalign in St John’s Wood have reported great results in their teeth alignment journey. To find out more about this treatment, call us today.