Getting dental implants in St. Johns Wood with Aura Dental How we can help you regain your confidence

When choosing to have dental implants fitted, we at Aura Dental know there are many questions you may have about the procedure.

If you are choosing to have dental implants in St.Johns Wood, you are no doubt looking forward to having a straight, gap free smile, but may be concerned about potential repercussions. After all, no surgery is risk free, but our team at Aura Dental want to assuage your fears and help you come to the best decision for yourself and your desire for a stunning smile.

Dental Implants in St Johns WoodHow are dental implants fitted?

Depending on whether you are having one dental implant fitted, or several, the procedure can vary a lot. Before you undergo the procedure, our dental surgeons will discuss with you what they are going to do and how long they estimate it will take. Please be aware that undergoing dental implant surgery is in no way a quick procedure, so be prepared for it to take up to 9 months.

Having the dental implants in St.Johns Wood fitted has several stages. Assuming there are no teeth to be removed, an implant or titanium screw, is placed into your jaw line. If you have bone loss, this step may also require bone grafting.

Once in place, your dentist will wait for ‘fusion’ to occur, as basically, your new implant must fuse with the surrounding bone. This can take up to six weeks and in the interim, you will be given false teeth to wear if you wish.

During this time, your new tooth or teeth will be constructed. Once your dentist is confident that your jaw and the titanium implant have fused, the top part of the implant will be put into place.

This is a basic outline of the dental implant procedure and depending on your case, there may be more stages.

Are dental implants painful?

A common question we are asked at Aura Dental regarding dental implants is whether the process, in its entirety, is painful.

Over the years, we have performed this surgery many times and have been told by our customers that the process hurts less than a simple tooth extraction and obviously, doesn’t leave you with a big gap in your smile.

If you are concerned about the level of pain you are experiencing post-surgery, please contact us immediately.

How do I look after them?

Dental implants need a lot of care.

Luckily, the care that they require does not differ from having real teeth and you can easily clean your dental implants with a manual or electric toothbrush with no issue.

As you may have interdental gaps post fitting, we advise you to invest in some interdental brushes and floss, this will prevent germs from settling and keep your gum line clean. You should also aim to have your new teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist 2-4 times a year as standard.