Finding the right braces in St. John’s Wood

There is a whole world of options out there to consider when it comes to finding the right orthodontics and we at Aura Dental can provide sound advice on which option will not only be right for your condition, but will also fit into your lifestyle with ease. While it might be appropriate for children in primary school to have a set of metal tracks to adjust their teeth as they grow, this is possibly not the best option for a young professional trying to make it in an image-focused corporate world. A set of the right braces in St. John’s Wood could provide you with more confidence in your image and give you better overall dental health in the long run.


Why should I invest in teeth straightening?

Let’s consider for a moment that perhaps having crooked teeth doesn’t bother you too much and that you’re quite happy with your image, we are thrilled that your confidence remains undeterred by any imperfection, but are concerned at the potential health risks this may cause. When teeth overlap with crowding, as is often the case with many orthodontic patients, it can be more difficult to clean them properly, which may lead to various complications.

Cleanliness – Straighter teeth are easier to clean with brushing and provide the ability to floss in each nook and cranny with ease. However, when you miss those hard to reach places because of misalignment, a build-up of plaque and bacteria will form, in probability leading to gum disease and tooth decay which may require surgery to remove teeth.

Jaw pain – Crooked teeth may throw your jaw off balance which affects how you chew food, having an imbalance in your jaw could result in pain in the joints and muscles of your face. Fixing any alignment issues in the teeth and jaw with braces in St John’s Wood will result in good long term oral health with fewer complications.

What are my options?

Invisalign – This is a revolutionary treatment that is very popular with adults because it is virtually invisible and offers results in a shorter space of time. By using 3D digital technology, your teeth are scanned and a calculation is made as to how they will shift over time, then custom clear aligners are created to be changed every 1-2 weeks to move the teeth in small increments until you get the result you desire.

Lingual braces – Another popular option for adults who don’t want to have traditional braces on the front of their teeth for both aesthetic and professional reasons. The braces are instead fitted onto the backs of the teeth where they remain unseen as adjustments are made over time to straighten the teeth.

Inman aligner – A removable orthodontic appliance that is used to adjust crowding in the front teeth with maximum efficiency over a short amount of time. This treatment can be used purely as an orthodontic treatment or in preparation for a smile makeover with crowns and veneers.

Speaking to your dentist about the braces in St John’s Wood that are available to you will help you make the best-informed decision for your overall dental health and smile.