Exploring your options for cosmetic dentistry in St John’s Wood

What would you like to change about your smile? If you want to use it more often and feel good about doing so, you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry in St John’s Wood at Aura Dental.

We help patients revive the sparkle in their smile with one of the cosmetic treatments in our range. We can focus on one aspect of your teeth or you can choose to think about your teeth holistically and choose procedures that enhance one another for a beautiful finish.

cosmetic-dentistry-in-north-londonThe colour of your teeth

The colour of your teeth can say a lot about you. We tend to think of bright teeth as young, healthy and indicative of a high level of self-care.

Whether you have lost a bit of the pizazz in your teeth due to ill health, lifestyle factors or the natural effects of aging, teeth whitening may be able to help.

You can opt to restore your teeth to their original shade or you might choose to go a bit brighter if you can. As long as the effect matches what you think of as a top-notch smile then this is a successful treatment.

When you have cosmetic dentistry in St John’s Wood, one of our skilled practitioners will advise you about whether your teeth are suitable and what can be achieved.

The position of your teeth

Some practices report that more than 50% of their patients who get braces are now adults. This is because people realise that they can have cosmetic orthodontic treatments that give them the look they have always wanted.

There are many methods of straightening available including those that describe themselves as invisible. This means they are designed to minimise the impact of your treatment on your look. As you can often have braces for a number of months, you might consider one of these options if you regularly need to make a positive impression on new people at work or socially.

The shape of your teeth

Yes, you can change the colour and position of your teeth but you are stuck with the shape, right? Not necessarily. If you only have minor gaps or misalignments in your teeth, then changing the shape might be a possibility. This could save you a lengthy realignment with braces. Ask your dentist about veneers if you think this might you.