Do You Need Internal Tooth Bleaching?

Pearly white teeth are a confidence booster; you are more willing to smile and appear friendlier with a good set. Poor diet and improper dental care can lead to discolouration and may be a sign of a bigger problem, such as tooth decay.

tooth bleachingThe decay and infection of a tooth will lead to its slowly changing colour as bacteria eat it from within. Your smile will transform from pearly white to a tinge of yellow, then completely yellow. The drastic change will affect the appearance of your smile; you might even have a tooth that is a different colour from the rest.

You have a solution to yellowing or discolouring teeth – internal tooth bleaching.

Teeth Whitening: Internal Tooth Bleaching

Teeth whitening is the generic term for aesthetically changing the appearance of your smile by removing stains. Many over-the-counter products promise to whiten teeth, but for users with a severe case of tooth decay, applying these is no longer an option.

Regular whitening may no longer work if the tooth is too discoloured or yellowed. An option to consider is internal tooth bleaching; this method whitens a tooth from the inside out.

The first step of the operation is a root canal to remove infected pulp. After removal, the dentist applies sodium perborate paste inside your tooth. This substance reacts to stains and dissolves them from within; making your tooth whiter. After the root canal, the dentist reseals it to prevent damage.

Improve Your Smile with Aura Dental

We at Aura Dental provide you with first-rate internal bleaching for whiter teeth and other treatments to improve your smile.

We understand the anxiousness one would feel whenever they visit a dentist; we allay these feelings by using a holistic approach to treatments. Our experience and use of advanced dental technology and techniques reduce the stress and anxiety our patients feel before and during a treatment.

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