Considering having dental implants fitted? Four key health benefits of this procedure

When one thinks of a cosmetic procedure, one typically imagines a procedure designed solely to alter someone’s appearance, hopefully for the better. While this is true of many cosmetic treatments that are performed on the skin and other parts of the body, in dentistry, many procedures also offer health benefits. So, while you may be in two minds about approaching your dentist for a cosmetic procedure, it is likely that your health will benefit in some way too.


One of the most beneficial procedures for both your physical and mental well-being in the field of cosmetic dentistry is that of oral implants; designed to imitate your natural teeth, implants can fill gaps in your smile and bite, with the strength of your natural teeth.

When you decide to undertake dental implants in St John’s Wood, our team of cosmetic dentists at Aura Dental will guide you through every step of the procedure. From the initial fitting to aftercare, our dentists will make sure that your implants last as long as possible, allowing you to smile with complete confidence.

But, what are the health benefits of having dental implants in St John’s Wood? Read on to find out more!

Better digestion

Our teeth are the first part of the digestive system and, like most systems, if part of it is missing, the system cannot usually operate correctly.

While it may seem harmless to miss a few teeth, it prevents the correct grinding and chewing of food; so when the food reaches the stomach, it is usually comprised of larger chunks, meaning that the stomach has to produce extra acid for digestion. Dental implants in St John’s Wood allow you to break down food into smaller chunks and reduce the chance of developing any gastrointestinal issues.

Reduction of headaches

Missing teeth can cause us to grind our jaws together as we sleep.

Excessive grinding of teeth has been linked to a higher prevalence of headaches, migraines and even tensing of the back and shoulder muscles.

As implants ensure that all of your teeth should fit together correctly, this will prevent grinding and thus, reduce headaches.

Lowered risk of periodontal disease

Gum disease is more prevalent in people who have missing teeth. This is because, in the most basic terms, the plaque and bacteria have easier access to the gums, as there are no teeth to block them.

Implants reduce the risk of gum disease, as bacteria cannot get underneath them to attack the gum line and, as they fill all the gaps in your mouth, it is harder for bacteria to get to the gums.

Improved nutrition

It is a sad fact that people who have lost a few teeth or even wear dentures often avoid harder foods.

The issue is that many foods that are good for us, like fruits and vegetables, are harder to bite into; if you have implants fitted, you will be able to bite into the toughest foods with ease, creating a healthier and more varied diet.