Braces are not just for crooked teeth

When people think of braces in St John’s Wood they often think of a non-removable metal appliance that is fixed onto the surface of your teeth, purely in an attempt to straighten them. At Aura Dental we have a vast range of appliances available that can not only straighten your teeth but resolve several other dental predicaments too. We can align your jaw, close your gaps, and even straighten your teeth with appliances that are barely noticeable.

Braces in St Johns WoodIf you are unsatisfied with the condition that your teeth are in or frustrated with not having a straight smile, it is a good idea to book a consultation appointment with one of our professionals. They will be able to inform you about all the options that are available to you,  and suggest which methods are most suited to your lifestyle and situation.

What types of problems can we solve?

Braces in St John’s Wood can correct most of your orthodontic problems these days. Some of our patients have crooked, overlapping teeth that need to be pulled back into straighter positions. Occasionally these issues can be caused by overcrowding, and a tooth may need to be taken out before the straightening process begins. This is to make sure that your teeth have enough room to move into their new positions without causing further damage to your mouth.

Having gaps between your teeth can leave you feeling more than just unsatisfied. If you have gaps between your front teeth this can leave you feeling self-conscious when you smile, and at Aura Dental we think that everybody is entitled to smile with confidence. It is easy to close these gaps, giving you a more solid, fuller smile to show off.

Sometimes patients will need to have their jaw realigned. This involves wearing a different type of appliance that pushes or pulls your jaw into its correct position. This treatment is sometimes required before you undergo a more generic straightening procedure to make sure that the jaw is in the right place.


Getting braces in St John’s Wood is becoming more popular amongst adults since the introduction of Invisalign. This is an almost invisible appliance that you must wear for twenty-two hours of the day. Easily removable, it fits snugly over your teeth as a retainer would, but you will be given multiple sets of aligners that need to be worn in a specific order. They work by gradually straightening your teeth a little bit more each time you wear a new set.

Unlike other types of appliances, it is easily removable, enabling you to brush your teeth with ease and keep your aligners clean too. Eating is made easier with this method of teeth straightening, as all you need to do is pop your aligners out before lunch. Just make sure that you do not forget to put them back in afterwards.

How long this type of treatment takes will depend upon the condition of your teeth and how many sets of aligners you must wear. Each set must be worn for around two weeks at a time, but this can vary from patient to patient. When you have worn your final set of aligners your teeth will be completely straight, but you will need to wear a retainer for at least six months after your treatment has been completed to ensure that your teeth do not return to their former crooked positions.