A braces breath of fresh air

In 1997, the braces landscape was changed for good when Invisalign burst onto the scene. These clear aligners were a totally different way to straighten teeth, and what’s more, they were also transparent. Instead of pulling the teeth into position, using specially-designed pressure points on the inside of the aligners, Invisalign pushes the teeth into place over the course of several months.

Invisalign in St John’s WoodHere at Aura Dental in St John’s Wood, Invisalign has been a popular patient choice for enhancing smiles for years, and it’s easy to see why. As well as being clear, the aligners are also removable, and can be taken out for extra special occasions if required. Braces that fit into your lifestyle; no wonder they are popular. Here’s a bit more about how the process works.

Consultation and preparation

The first step is to visit our St John’s Wood Invisalign dentist for a consultation. This is where we assess your suitability for treatment. Invisalign isn’t the right fit for everyone, so we want to make sure they will bring you the most benefit possible.

Once we’ve established that treatment can go ahead, our St John’s Wood Invisalign dentist takes a digital scan of your teeth. This is fed into a computer programme that creates a 3D treatment plan. This has 2 functions. One is that it gives the Invisalign technicians the information they need to create your custom-made aligners. The second is that you can see the results of your treatment before it begins. The software models the changes that the aligners will create, so you can see an image of your new smile. Great motivation for sticking to your treatment plan.


The aligners are sent directly to you and you wear each pair for 7-10 days. They will feel a little tight at first, which is right for the treatment to work. They will feel easier over time, which is a sign that you need to change them for the next set. You need to keep them clean and check in with your St John’s Wood Invisalign dentist every few weeks to make sure treatment is on track.


You will need to wear a retainer to keep the teeth secure in their new positions.