What to expect when getting dental implants in St John’s Wood

Whilst they are some of the strongest parts of our body, our teeth can be deceptively delicate. Whether it be through suffering an accident, or through being worn down by tooth decay, there is often a distinct possibility that our teeth can end up broken or severely chipped. Many of us understandably worry about this for the cosmetic impact that a broken or severely chipped tooth can have, however there are also risks to your oral and general health that may arise from a tooth that is sufficiently broken. For example, an abscess can form if bacteria are able to go through the broken tooth and into the tooth’s inner pulp, which can be very painful, and also potentially cause more serious health concerns.

However, this does not mean that it is necessary to be fearful, as nowadays, your dentist is able to offer you a range of treatments which can restore the parts of your teeth that have become broken or damaged. One of these treatments you may be offered are dental implants in St John’s Wood. By getting dental implants in St John’s Wood you will be receiving a treatment that can replace and restore many of the lost parts of a damaged tooth.


With a few different options available to you as to where to get dental implants in St John’s Wood, it may be difficult to decide on where to go to get this treatment, should you decide that it would be beneficial for you. However, we here at Aura Dental believe that we are a great option for you to consider. At Aura Dental, we make good use of the tranquil surroundings and advanced dental technology that we have access to, in order to deliver all of our treatments to the highest quality. Furthermore, we are proud to say that thanks to our patient recommendations, our practice has grown, and we are always happy to welcome new patients as well.

Dental implants

Dental implants start by replacing the root of a damaged tooth, then by placing a secondary portion above the gum line, to support any restoration work that needs to be done. Before the treatment itself starts though, it is always necessary to have a consultation appointment with your dentist. Once your dentist is aware that you are interested in having this type of treatment, they will run some tests and take X-ray diagnostics of your teeth to make sure that dental implants in St John’s Wood is an appropriate type of treatment for you.

The treatment itself will begin with an implant post being carefully and gently inserted into your jawbone. At the next appointment, the site where the implant post was inserted will be re-examined. These appointments to examine the implant post will probably continue until the bone and the implant have fully fused with one another. Once this has happened, the crown or bridge can be cemented or screwed on to the implant post above the gum line. There may also be the option for you to wear a night guard after this treatment, if you have a grinding or clenching habit with your teeth, as this will help to protect your new dental implants from being damaged as you sleep.