Watch What You Eat: Food and Drinks to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

A sparkling set of pearly whites is what many people want, to feel and look attractive. While we can give you the solution to your needs, we want you to be aware of how you can prolong its results. After treatment, we recommend avoiding food and drinks that can stain your teeth within the next 48 hours.

teeth whiteningThe teeth have microscopic channels ranging from the tooth pulp to the enamel’s outer surface. Normally, minerals block these channels to keep you away from tooth sensitivity. After teeth whitening, however, these minerals become so thin that oxygen can penetrate the teeth and make it vulnerable to stains. You need to wait for your saliva to block these microscopic channels again, so your teeth will not absorb any stain from food and drinks that have dark colour pigments.

Dark-coloured Food

Avoid food like dark chocolate, blueberries and beets, and dishes with dark-coloured soups or those dipped or marinated in dark-coloured sauces. Go on a white diet instead. Fruits and vegetables may be healthy, but many of them can contribute to tooth discolouration. Avoid vegetables like carrots, spinach, beans and broccoli. The only exception is cauliflower. Some fruits are acceptable if you peel their skin, like apples, cucumbers and pears.

Staining Beverages

Avoid coffee, red wine, soft drinks, tea and fruit juices like cranberry, grape, orange and tomato juice. Most of these are low in pH, which can increase the acidity of the saliva and damage areas of your teeth weakened by teeth whitening chemicals. Drink water and milk instead. Dairy products are high in calcium and their lactic acid content helps prevent tooth decay. If you cannot resist, you can minimise contact by using a straw.

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