Opting for braces in St John’s wood?

Here at Aura Dental, for over thirty years, our committed team have been providing a bespoke dental care to the residents of St John’s Wood, like no other. At Aura Dental, we adopt a more holistic approach to dentistry than some of the other dentists across the country. We believe that the individual needs and requirements of each patient should be at the forefront of any and all treatments, rather than adopting the one-size-fits-all approach that is common throughout some practices. In our mission statement, we decree that we wish to ‘provide unwavering clinical excellence in a calm, professional and friendly atmosphere’ and – as can be seen from our lengthy and extensive positive patient referrals – we believe we have achieved exactly that, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. Treatment here at Aura is only carried out by a dentist of the patient’s choosing, with whom they share a good rapport and trust unwaveringly. Prior to beginning any treatment here at Aura, patients must first undertake some informal consultations between themselves and a practitioner of their choosing, and only begin treatment once they are aware of the basics of the process and feel they are ready.

Invisalign in St Johns WoodInvisible ingenuity

One treatment which is widely popular with some of our younger adult and teenage patients, is the installation of braces, such as Invisalign in St John’s Wood. Treatments of this sort have grown vastly in popularity over recent years, particularly with young adults, as they allow patients to undertake essential dental alignment, without affecting their outward appearance. As such, treatments like Invisalign are now favoured largely over established methods of orthodontic alignment, such as typical fused ‘train-track’ braces, which are often uncomfortable and greatly alter the appearance of their users. Invisalign is a removable plastic mouthpiece, which – when worn – gradually aligns the patient’s teeth to the specifications established with their trusted dental practitioner, prior to undertaking treatment. Created from a patented SmartTrack plastic, the Invisalign retainer is removable, and when worn, gradually pushes the patient’s teeth into their correct position using built in, custom fitted pressure points within the retainer. When worn, an Invisalign mouthpiece is practically undetectable, which may explain its popularity amongst teenagers as – unlike ‘train-track’ braces – it affords them the ability to undergo essential dental realignment, in a discreet fashion that does not attract any unwanted scrutiny from peers. Another reason for the popularity of Invisalign in St John’s Wood over contemporary orthodontics is that the retainer is removable, and as such treatment can be carried out a time that is convenient to the patient – such as when sleeping, or at home.

Bridging gaps

Also offered here at Aura dental is the installation of dental implants. These are another method of discreet orthodontics, however they are typically only used in instances where a tooth has been lost or damaged beyond repair. Dental implants act as a prosthetic solution to large gaps in patients’ teeth, and can have a massively beneficial impact on their self-esteem and confidence, by restoring their smiles. The process of installing dental implants requires a brief dental procedure whereby a small hole is drilled into the roof of a patient’s mouth where the missing tooth (or teeth) would be, and a titanium screw is inserted. Afterwards, a replica tooth is screwed into the mouth and the gap is filled with a tooth indistinguishable from the rest in the patient’s mouth.