Heard some bad rumours about dental implants? The truth about oral implants by Aura Dental

When you decide to undertake a cosmetic procedure, it is likely that the first thing you will do is look online for stories about the procedure; this can be a very bad idea!

Like typing cold symptoms into a search engine and being told you have a deadly disease, searching for stories about cosmetic procedures online can create a very biased sample to base your decision on. You will probably encounter one or two lurid stories of the treatment going wrong, and only being human we can tend to focus on the negative press rather than the huge positives that are reaped from these procedures.

And of course, when looking for the truth about cosmetic dental procedures, the internet can be a biased platform to begin with, in its structure. In this article, our team at Aura Dental have combined their years of clinical experience to provide you with the truth to the myths surrounding one type of procedure; oral implants.

When you come to Aura Dental to have dental implants in St John’s Wood, our team will discuss the procedure with you fully and ensure you are completely informed before the treatment starts. We will walk you through each of the stages and provide you with honest answers along the way, to ensure that you get the gorgeous smile you deserve.

But what are some of the myths and truths behind dental implants in St John’s Wood? Read on to find out!

Myth- Oral implants look false

Truth- This is an odd myth, as in our experience at Aura Dental, all of the dental implants in St John’s Wood that we have fitted look completely natural.

We aim to match your prosthetic teeth to any natural teeth you have in your mouth based on colour, shape, and size; if you have no natural teeth in your mouth, then we may be able to create a new set using photographs of your previous smile.

Myth- Having them fitted is painful

Truth– We agree that the process may indeed sound uncomfortable, but in reality, many of our patients have told us that the sensation is no different to a dental extraction and so, you should be able to manage this with over the counter painkillers.

The discomfort should fade by itself in about a week; if it doesn’t or it gets worse, book an urgent appointment with our team as soon as possible.

Myth- They are too pricey for the average person

Truth– If we look at the cost of oral implants as one payment, then yes, they appear to be prohibitively expensive for some people.

However, at Aura Dental, we may be able to offer you a dental plan or financing option, to help break down the price into monthly payments.

Myth- They don’t last very long

Truth– If you do not look after your oral implants, then it is likely that they will not last a long time; smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and poor oral hygiene can negatively impact the longevity of implants.

However, if they are correctly maintained, oral implants can last up to 40 years! Now that has to be positive!