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Our IV drips contain different combinations of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
They are administered by a Dr Maryam Behnam.

Duration – 60 minutes
Recovery Drip

Are you constantly on the go, travelling, exhausted and/or run down? Travel often leaves one feeling dehydrated, run down and exhausted. Our jet lag drip aims to help you beat tiredness and lethargy by rehydrating your body, providing micronutrients essential for energy production.

With our unique infusion of B12, taurine, glutamine, magnesium and a high dose vitamin B and C vitamin complex, this drip provides the perfect solution for boosting natural health. This drip also contains a double dose of glutathione – a powerful cellular antioxidant.

The Recipe

  • Balanced physiological hydration solution
  • Energy boosting: B12, taurine and glutamine
  • Detoxifying and liver function boosting amino acids glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C & B-Vitamin Complex

Try Me When

  • Jet-lagged
  • Fatigued
  • Lethargic

There have been no clinical trials to our knowledge regarding the efficacy of the combination of drugs within this drip, however, with our knowledge of IV drugs, we believe this is an excellent aid to the recovery of jet lag.

Duration – 60 minutes
Energy Boosting B12 Detox Drip

This premium drip is the perfect blend of essential micro nutrient vitamins, minerals and amino acids – Vitamin B-12, (AKA Hydroxycobalamin) is a nutrient that keeps you in good health. It's one of eight B vitamins that helps the body convert food into glucose, providing you with energy.

5 Fun Facts About Vitamin B12

  • Regenerates bone marrow and the lining of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract
  • Nurtures the provides health of your nervous system, which includes your spinal cord.
  • Often deficient in modern diets particularly if vegetarian or vegan.
  • Used in production of red blood cells – deficiency leads to anaemia.
  • Many patients report increase in energy levels soon after administration.

The Recipe

  • Balanced physiological hydration solution
  • Energy boosting B12
  • The detoxifying and liver function boosting amino acids glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C & B-Vitamin Complex

There have been no clinical trials to our knowledge regarding the efficacy of the combination of drugs within this drip. Anecdotally patients have reported a boost in their energy levels after this infusion.

We recommend sensible drinking and adherence to the UK's Chief Medical Officers guidance on alcohol consumption.

Duration – 60 minutes
Detox & Fat Burning Drip

Tried every cleanse and detox package on the market and still can't shift that stubborn body fat?

Our Detox & Fat Burning Infusion is the perfect boost to your workout. It is formulated with the intention to help maintain your energy levels which may improve fitness and may assist in shifting stubborn body fat.

This drip contains carnitine which has been reported to produce energy by the mobilisation of fatty acids, and taurine which helps boost energy levels, peaks physical performance, sports endurance and VO2 max.

The Recipe

  • Balanced physiological hydration solution
  • Essential mineral micronutrients: magnesium, calcium, zinc & selenium; help to regulate mood and provide sustained energy levels throughout the day.
  • Help the body mobilise fatty acids to produce sustained energy and detoxify with essential amino acids; methionine, lysine & choline.
  • Glutathione & Carnitine help to reduce ravings and boost energy levels.

Try me when

  • Training to improve fitness
  • You need a confidence boost
  • Looking to achieve natural and sustained weight loss
  • Fat reduction
  • Diet is poor

This drip is to be used as an adjunct to a healthy diet and a suitable exercise regime. We will be able to also refer you to a dietician and personal trainers around London. There are no clinical trials to our knowledge about the efficacy of this drip.

Duration – 60 minutes
Age Defiance

Getting ready for a special event or in need of the ultimate relaxation? We're on hand to help!

Skin acts like a sentinel, protecting you from invading bacteria and environmental stressors such as sunlight and cigarette smoke. Your skin is such a complex organ that it demands many nutrients to stay healthy, from proteins and fats to a range of minerals and vitamins.

Some vitamins are especially essential for strong, elastic skin, particularly vitamin C which is essential for producing collagen and elastin. You also need vitamin B-12, folate and vitamin B-6 for their ability to lower blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine. High levels of homocysteine may block enzymes essential for the normal meshing of collagen and elastin.

Other B vitamins, including biotin and niacin, also contribute to healthy skin.
Being well hydrated will also leave your skin feeling firmer and make you more radiant and confident – get the glow now!

The Recipe

  • Balanced physiological hydration solution
  • High dose vitamin C and multi B-vitamin complex
  • High dose vitamin B12
  • Glutathione, carnitine & glutamine
  • Essential amino acid glycine

Try me when

  • You're the bride to be
  • You want to be red carpet ready
  • This drip has a well thought out blend of essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins.
  • Vitamin B12 anecdotally hugely boosts energy levels.

These vitamins come from diverse food sources, the best strategy is to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. However, in our busy day to day life we may forget to eat so healthily. This drip will safely ensure you are fully topped up, allow your skin to shine.

Duration – 60 minutes
Our Premium Recovery Drip

We believe, nothing will be as effective as our premium revival infusion.

We've blended the perfect pH neutral balanced physiological solution with (as required); pain killers, anti-inflammatory, anti-sickness and anti-acid medication to ensure you get the TLC your body craves! We've also packed in the vitamins (B & C), anti-oxidants and magnesium to keep you at the top of your game and in this premium option B12 and glutathione.

If you really value your time and energy, this will get you back to fighting fit, double time.

The Recipe

  • Balance physiological hydration solution
  • Anti-inflammatory medications, anti-acid, pain killers & powerful anti-sickness medications (as required).
  • Energy boosting B12
  • Detoxifying glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C & B-Vitamin complex

Try me when

  • Run down
  • Mega recovery following serious overindulgence
  • Detoxify
  • Playing hard & working hard
  • You are sick of duvet days

We recommend sensible drinking and adherence to the UK's Chief Medical Officers guidance on alcohol consumption

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