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Invisalign - is a system based on series of clear aligners, which look like transparent trays and fit snugly over your teeth. You wear each aligner for about 1 to 2 week and once your teeth have moved slightly you move onto the next one. You carry on with this process until your teeth reach the perfect alignment.

  • The main advantage of Invisalign is that you can take the aligners out in case you have an important event coming up and also to eat, drink and brush your teeth. So there is no need to avoid certain foods, you can eat what you like. Also, since you have to brush your teeth before putting you aligners back in, it helps you develop a good habit and thus prevents your teeth from potential future problems. It also tends to be the most suitable option if you happen to travel a lot as you do not need as many appointments with your dentist during the process and it is easier to fit the treatment around your life. Invisalign can also handle more complex cases, so if your teeth are really crowded, Invisalign is normally the best way forward.
  • The only possible disadvantage is that it required a certain level of commitment from you in terms of wearing the aligners for minimum of 22 hours per day. If you can comply with this, the treatment will definitely work.

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