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An excellent experience, so happy I had it done! I would highly recommend Aura Dental!!!

- L Johnson 2015 starts

Regular dental examination are extremely important both for children and adults. Having your teeth regularly inspected by your dentist will prevent you from having trouble with them in the future and will also save you money in the long term.

Dental decay develops slowly and gradually over time and often does not give you any symptoms until it is too late for any minor restorative work.

For young children, regular maintenance is especially important as any decay left to grow and develop in their primary teeth may affect their future permanent teeth if left untreated.

We advise parents not to wait until the first problem appears as preventative approach is always best. Simply bring your child to us as soon as their first tooth appears to develop a good life-long habit.

Recommend us to your friends with young children and benefit from a free session of dental hygiene for your child as well as a wonderful goodie bag full of useful age appropriate products for as little as £5.00

At Aura Dental we recommend our patients to have their teeth maintained every 6 months and with our new and reduced prices we strive to make it as easy and as achievable as possible.

For super-efficient and organised individuals and their children we offer an exclusive Aura Membership options from as little as £9.00. The membership includes all the dental assessments you require as well x-rays and sessions with the hygienist. In addition, you will received a generous discount on your treatment including all cosmetic work and a worldwide insurance of up to £10.000 should anything happen whilst you are abroad. For more information call us on 02077220040 or check out our Membership Page.

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