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At Aura Dental we understand how anxious a visit to the dentist can make some feel. By adopting a holistic approach to your treatment, we engage the five senses to alleviate stress and deliver calm. Experience advanced dental technology and techniques within our tranquil surroundings. We specialise in the latest treatments to make sure we keep you smiling on the inside as well as on the outside. Let us rejuvenate your smile with advanced aesthetic dental treatments and hygiene therapy.

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Examinations/ Consultation  
New patient examination £75.00
Child examination £35.00
Routine examination £60.00
Cosmetic examination/Smile assessment £90.00
Small Digital X-ray (each) £15.00
Small white composite £65.00+ 
Large white composite £105.00+
Veneers, Inlays & Crowns 
Veneer (single) £450.00 +
Porcelain/ Ceramic Inlays £350+
All Porcelain crown (eMax) £495.00+ 
Bonded crown (metal & porcelain) £450.00 +
Full gold crown (dependent of gold content) POA 
Porcelain bonded (metal and porcelain) £455+ per unit
All Porcelain /Ceramic  eMax £550+ per unit
Adhesive bridge/ Maryland bridge £395.00 +
Root canal treatment  
Incisor root canal £325.00
Pre-molar canal  £400.00 
Molar canal £500.00 +
Inman-aligners (Per jaw) £2300.00+
Invisible braces (removable) £2500.00+ 
Six months smile £2899.00+
Single implant £2300.00+
Implant retained bridges £2750.00+
Simple extraction  £85.00 
Surgical extraction £200.00 
Teeth Whitening
Home whitening  £220.00
In surgery  LED whitening £250.00
In surgery ZOOM whitening £450.00
Internal bleaching  £175.00
Dentures £530.00 +
Regular appointment £65.00 
Extended appointment £95.00

+indicates starting price for item- dependent on exact size/ material of restoration- to be discussed at consultation with the dentist

Missed Appointments & Late Cancellations

There will be no charge for changing your appointment provided that we are given a minimum of 24 hours notice. We will charge 50% for missed appointments or late cancellations.