North West London Dental Implants

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An excellent experience, so happy I had it done! I would highly recommend Aura Dental!!!

- L Johnson 2015 starts

Teeth are made to last a lifetime. Sometimes, however, people lose their teeth due to factors like dental trauma, tooth decay and gum disease. Replacing those missing teeth is extremely important, because not only do you lose your chewing ability, but missing teeth can also cause the neighbouring teeth to crowd, tip or fall out as well, or create a range of other problems later.

Aura Dental offers a lasting solution to your problem: dental implants in St John Woods.

Dental implants are artificial roots placed into the jaw. They act as an anchor or strong foundation for a crown or replacement teeth made to match your natural teeth.

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Other Treatments?

We also offer more affordable treatments to replace missing teeth, such as dentures. Despite the cost, however, why are our dental implants often the first choice?

  • Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth.
  • Implants allow you to protect the remaining bone.
  • Implants are more predictable than other methods.

Aura Dental, we offer two dental implant treatment options: 1) Single implant, (£2300.00+) and 2) Implant-retained bridges (£2750.00+). The first one is ideal for one missing tooth, while implant-retained bridges are ideal for patients with more than one missing tooth.

For more information on having either one missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or all teeth missing please click on the relevant links below:

Dentists and a Support Staff to Guide You

The success of your dental implant procedure is important, and we put your wellbeing first. You need not worry as well, because our friendly and warm dentists and support staff are here at every stage to guide you throughout the treatment. With Aura Dental, you will be in safe and capable hands.

Call us today for questions on our North West London dental implants. You may also reach out to us to schedule a consultation.